Boyle Society

Boyle Society

Paying tribute to Robert Boyle, the father of modern chemistry and one of the pioneers of the modern experimental scientific method, William & Mary established the Honorable Robert Boyle Legacy Society in 1992 to recognize alumni, parents and friends who have provided for the university in their estate plans.

Although Boyle died before William & Mary was founded in 1693, Boyle’s will instructed that a portion of his estate be invested in “pious and charitable uses.” James Blair, William & Mary’s first president, persuaded Boyle’s executors to devote some funds to the newly formed College.

Today, the Society is over 2,100 members strong. The collective generosity of Boyle Society members has already made an indelible mark on campus and will continue to help shape the university's remarkable future for all time coming.

Join us on campus April 19-21, 2024, for Traditions Weekend!

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